Rites of Sacred Partnership

There is a spiritual dimension to every relationship, no matter what its origins, whether it is acknowledged as spiritual or not. Two people come together because spirit wants them together.

- Sobanfu Some, The Spirit of Intimacy


Mindful Marriage Wedding Ceremonies

Marriage is a rite of passage. It is a severance of what your relationship has been, and a crossing of a threshold into a new depth of intimacy and commitment. Honor the magnitude of this incredible transition. Choose to cross this threshold consciously.

Co-create a ceremony that captures the essence of your partnership and evokes community participation.


Rituals of Repair

Relationships are incubators for growth. Ruptures in relationship are natural and necessary for the evolution of the partnership and each individual. Each breakdown is an opportunity to breakthrough to a new level of loving one another, and loving yourself.

We don’t have to move through challenges in our partnerships alone.

Rituals of repair create containers to sit with relational shadows, ask spirit for support, and call upon the wisdom of the couple to transmute the stuck into the sacred.


Ceremonies of Untangling Souls

Did you know it’s actually possible to let go with love and grace? Leaving in anger is certainly easier. However, it ultimately doesn’t serve us.

Ceremonies of separation create a structure that promote healing and closure.

Choose to let go with love and bless your beloved in a divine departure.


Working with ElizabetH

“Elizabeth was completely indispensable on my big day. She lent an air of ceremony and helped me to center myself amidst the chaos. She helped me to step outside of myself and be truly present, while honoring the power of ceremony and the vows that were taken. 

We started my wedding day with bridal yoga led by Elizabeth in the presence of my bridesmaids, which provided much-needed stillness and relaxation.

Elizabeth is a passionate force for lending ceremony to big life events in any context. I feel that in modern society, we have lost a lot of traditions that help us to celebrate transitions in life. Elizabeth creates space for ceremony, sets intentions, and guides your experience in these important moments in a way that is completely tailored to you and your needs. I couldn't have done my wedding without her!”

Dr. Melissa Randell, Biologist
Bride, August 11th 2018
Seattle, WA

Mel Meditation

“Elizabeth Shapiro is the best wedding celebrant we could have hoped for. She is uplifting, supportive and passionate about love. She listened to every aspect of our relationship and love story to create a magical ceremony we will never forget. She wove our important parts of the ceremony together with her own beautiful thoughts and feelings into a dialogue that resonated with not only us, but our guests as well. When we requested a tradition she was unfamiliar with, she embraced the idea and thoroughly prepared herself to make it truly authentic, and genuinely personal for us. Her words touched on big themes and subtle nuances in a natural and extraordinary way. She made us feel prioritized, comfortable and excited from planning right through to the big day. We wouldn’t change a thing about our experience with Elizabeth as our celebrant, and feel immeasurably grateful to have her hold this special place in our hearts and memories.”

Karena & Benjamin Wright,
Married by Elizabeth December 9th, 2017
Palm City, Florida