Mindful Marriage Wedding Ceremonies 

Hannah and Paul!


Have you been to a wedding where the ceremony felt completely in alignment with the couple’s unique flavor of love?

Have you been to a wedding where you felt captivated by the creative rituals?

Have you been to a wedding where you felt you participated in ceremony and your presence as loving witness was an integral part of the union?

Unfortunately, most of us have not. The ceremony portion of the wedding is often short and sweet with prescribed predictability.

Your marriage doesn't have to look like anyone else’s - not your parents, your grandparents, or any of your friends. Your wedding can be a completely unique experience.

This is one of the most important moments of your life. Honor it.

Are you ready to claim your own authentic expression of love and commitment?


Let's explore what matters most to you.

Let's co-create something magnificent.

Working intimately together, I will illuminate the essence of your unique expression of love.

I will curate a ceremony that honors your shared vision.

I want to be your guide in this Rite of the Heart.

Allow me to be your ally as you consciously cross this threshold.


Catch the Bouquet: Ceremonial Consultation

  • Pre-ceremony Partner Exploration

  • Co-creation & Curation of Ritual

  • Complete Ceremony Itinerary

Estimated cost $250 - 500

Bundle of Sage: Pre-Ceremony & Day of Support

Includes Catch the Bouquet plus…

  • Premarital Counseling: Conscious Couple Curriculum

  • Day of Ceremony Wedding Doula
    examples include & are not limited to:
    mindful movement, meditation, smudging, crisis counseling & emotional support

Estimated cost $1000 - 2000

Rose Gold : Co-Creation & Facilitation of Ceremony

Includes Bundle of Sage plus…

  • Family Cohesion Council
    light-hearted talking circle of intentional togetherness

  • Wedding Officiation

  • Incorporation: Post-ceremony Support  

Estimated cost $1,750 - 3000

*A la Carte Mindful Marriage Menu Offerings
available upon request


Are you ready to awaken your ritual intelligence?

Let me know how I can support you and your precious heart
in this experience of being human.




“Elizabeth Shapiro is a force of nature as a gifted guide through the realms of coming together as a union. Her charisma delicately captures each and person that has the pleasure of meeting her. We were so fortunate to have Elizabeth co-create our wedding ceremony and hold support for us through the sometimes sticky process. We wanted to capture the true meaning of love and community  at our gathering and Elizabeth brought that. Through her boon of words and fantastic sense of humor, we and our guests were lifted to a higher level of connection and compassionate understanding. We cried, we laughed and we were and are still grateful.

Elizabeth Shapiro is truly a modern day high priestess and we are blessed to call her our officiant.”

Julia Holtzman & Isaac Johnson
Married by Elizabeth September 9, 2017
Eugene, OR


“Ceremony and ritual are really important to us, and Elizabeth totally understood why. She came with ideas of her own and we were able to melt them into something really beautiful. She took all of our ideas and orchestrated them into ceremony. 

By far our favorite part of the wedding was the ceremony, and how the space was held. It felt powerful, it felt strong, it felt really genuine, and we know our guests felt the same way. 

She loves love as much as we love loving each other, she was really good at channeling that all throughout the process. Our family, our friends - everyone could feel it. They appreciated the uniqueness of our ceremony because it came from a place of this adoration for love and commitment. Elizabeth really heard us, and facilitated our ideas into a ceremony that our whole family could join in on.

Elizabeth helped us focus on what was really important, we would start to get really caught up in food, coordinating, transportation being weird, and obstacles we weren’t prepared for that caused stress - she was our rock, unwavering against all the winds and rains (we had a really rainy wedding).
It was really nice to have someone you trust.

She delivered the most holistic wedding experience. We would recommend her to everyone! At the end of the day she’s listening to how you want to express your love.

She is listening to your heart, and will manifest that in a really gorgeous way.”

Celeste & Abraham Seamen
Married by Elizabeth October 22nd 2016
New York City