Wedding the Beloved Within 



Do you often experience yourself as a half hearted being waiting for someone else to complete you?

Are you ready to stop waiting for your Disney princess, or prince, and save yourself?

Your inner beloved has always been here, and is waiting.

The way in which you love yourself creates the standard in which you receive love.

In marrying yourself, you are committing to a life of unconditionally loving all of your parts.

Together, we will co-create a ceremony that embodies the essence of your unique radiance and honors your intention. This can be a private ceremony or we can give your community the opportunity to share in their support of your scared partnership with yourself.

Are you ready to say YES to you?


Multiple sessions

  • Pre-Ceremony Exploration

  • Co-Creation & Curation

  • Ceremony of Wedding the Beloved Within


$225 - 450


Are you ready to awaken your ritual intelligence?

Let me know how I can support you and your precious heart
in this experience of being human.


Working with Elizabeth

“Elizabeth is an inspiring presence, a master of ceremony, and a talented alchemist. No one else could have so lovingly curated my self-marriage ceremony. Elizabeth came prepared with some amazing ideas, insightful questions, and her spot-on intuition. Together we created something truly special, and the ceremony was the perfect execution of planning with a sprinkle of fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants magic, attended by friends and strangers alike. As Elizabeth says, your psyche doesn’t know the difference between “ritual” and “reality” —and that has become true for me: I have never felt so united and integrated in the masculine and feminine parts of myself. I am grateful to Elizabeth for accompanying me in such a beautiful way.”

Jenna Browning, Lawyer, New York City