Reiki Rituals



Allow me to serve as a conduit for you to heal yourself.

The intelligent, kind, and always loving life force energy moves through me
healing your physical, emotional, & spiritual bodies.

The divinely guided electromagnetic frequencies activate your innate wisdom, increasing your vitality, authenticity, and experience of wholeness.

The energy we previously invested in division, which kept us stuck in cycles of perpetual dis-ease, slowly become free to flow through us - this is our true nature.


The healing journey begins with you claiming your heart’s quest, and naming your intention for our time together.

The ceremony is a prayer, just for you.

We’ll debrief your experience and explore integration of your healing journey.

Leave with resources to continue radical alignment of your mind, body, & soul.

Optional cacao offering to soften & open heart center

Consciously Crossing Thresholds

Healing is enhanced when combining therapeutic energy medicine with ceremony to support the psyche processing transitions & transformations

Examples of Reiki Rituals:

  • Honoring The Energy of New Beginnings

    • Change in Home, New Career, Beginning Intimate Relationship

  • Reiki Rites of Passage

    • Sacred Severance of the Single Maiden: A Ceremony for Brides to Be

    • Divine Differentiation: Energetic Support for Parents & their Children

    • Commitment Ceremony Incorporation: Post Wedding Energy Work

    • Maiden Reiki Ritual ~ Honoring A Wombyns First Moon

  • Healing Hearts: Reiki Rituals of Conscious Connecting

  • Energy Medicine Ceremonies of SELF LOVE

  • Ceremonies of Sacred Grief : Energy to Meet Mourning

  • Womb Wisdom: Activating Intuition & Inner Knowing

  • Howling at the Womb: Moon Time Energy Medicine

  • Alchemizing the Earth Body: Honoring the Elements (4 sessions)

  • Holy Wholeness: Integrating Body Mind Heart Soul (4 sessions)

  • Tending your Timeline: Transmuting Trauma

  • Ceremony of Subconscious Deep Dive: Moving Energy to Rewire Self Limiting Beliefs

  • Loving Your Little Wounded One: Inner Child Energy Work


$75 - 150


Are you ready to awaken your ritual intelligence?

Let me know how I can support you and your precious heart
in this experience of being human.


Working With ElizabetH

"Being with Elizabeth is like being enveloped in a toasty, delicious embrace. The amount of intentionality and authentic care that Elizabeth has for the people around her being heard, seen and known is remarkable to witness and be on the receiving end of. Being in her held space is an absolute gift. Any time spent around this powerful human is time spent wisely, to say the least. If you have the chance to bask in her loving presence and see the magic that inspires in you, do not hesitate."

Jane Backen, Juvenile Youth Worker, Eugene, OR